Mount helper

What is a mount helper?

The mount helper is a program, located in /sbin. It is called where xxx is the name of the filesystem. If the mount command is called using mount -t xxx it searches for a executable, called /sbin/ and runs it with the parameters, given to the mount command.

OFS mount helper

The OFS mount helper mounts the remote share and calls the ofs with the appropriate parameters.

Installing the mounthelper

  • Copy the ofsmount binary from the mounthelper directory to /sbin/mount.ofs
  • Make sure the ofs binary is called ofs and is located somewhere in PATH

Calling the mounthelper

The mounthelper is automatically called by the mount command, when the filesystem ofs is desired. As Device, you give a URL, which contains the remote filesystem as protocol and the share as path.

# mount -t ofs filesystem://path/to/share /some/local/mountpoint

In order to mount a samba filesystem through OFS, you use (only as root of course) the command:

# mount -t ofs smb://fileserver/share /some/local/mountpoint
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