Extended attributes

Interaction with OFS is done using extended attributes. So before you can start, you have to install the tools for using extended attributes, which ship with almost any linux distribution.

OFS supports the following attributes

ofs.offline set this attribute to make directory and all its subdirectories available offline
ofs.available remove this attribute to switch to offline mode
set this attribute to switch to online mode
read this attribute to see if the share is connected
ofs.conflict read this attribute to see if the given file or any file in the tree below the given directory is in conflicted state
write this attribute to choose which file is current. The other one will be overwritten. Possible values: local, remote

To make the a path available offline, use the following command # setfattr -n ofs.offline /path/to/directory You can see if a file is currently available by using the command # getfattr -n ofs.available /path/to/directory/or/file

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